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What is a Click To Call Solution

Virtual Number

A Click to Call solution allows your leads to get in touch with you when they are looking you up. Not only can you let your customers to get in touch with your business with the click of a button, you also protect their privacy by masking the contact numbers on both the ends. Increase conversions and boost your business like never before.

Knowlarity’s Click to Call Solutions in the UAE - Why Your Business Needs It

With Knowlarity’s click to call services, your customers can now reach you in no time. With the enquiry process easier than ever before, your customers can now get in touch with you in no time - drastically decreasing conversion time and increasing conversion rate.

Easy Integrations

With Knowlarity Dubai’s click-to-call services, you get an easy-to-integrate calling widget for your website. Your customers can reach you right from the website without having to copy and paste the number.


We integrate with all major CRM platforms. Your customers are now just a click away from your CRM dashboard. Drive outreach and make your agents more productive than ever.

Post Form Trigger

Allow your customers to list down their requirements and call you right after, ensuring little drop-off. Ensure your sales teams are always a step ahead of the competition, and your customers get to speak with them.

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What makes Knowlarity Dubai one of the top click to call service providers

Connect with your customers instantly using power packed features of Knowlarity’s click to call solutions in Dubai

Easy Installation

Our click-to-call services are easy to install, and need minimal effort. As all the services are on the cloud, no additional infrastructure is required. List your virtual or toll-free number on your website and boost lead inflow.

Configurable Availability

Click to call services coupled with IVR solution allow you to define agent availability and route calls to the next available agent. While your customers can call you instantly, you can ensure that their calls are always answered.

Record and Log Every Call

You can review all call-related data on a single dashboard. View call recordings, caller history, caller information and other notes in one place. Track and respond to every incoming call with our click to call solutions.

Never Miss a Visitor

Having a click to call number as a CTA is a massive benefit over having a form. Get back to them in no time. Portray the customer-first approach of your business by putting them first and getting back to them as early as possible.

Integrate with Website & Apps

Integrate your click to call in UAE with your website and other connected apps like Google Analytics. Couple data from your click to call dashboard with more data to create actionable insights and increase business output.

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  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
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Why over 15000+ Organizations Across 65 Countries Trust Us

Today we are trusted by over 15000+ businesses across 65+ countries and are the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets in less than 7+ years. We’ve matured to becoming a globally recognized named with over 550+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence in business telephony through our flagship product Super ReceptionistTM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click to call solutions allow your customers to get in touch with you with the click of a button. You can place a click to call number on your website, or other relevant CTAs instead of having customers fill out a form and wait for your call back. All your calls get routed, and you can view information on a single dashboard.

Further, you can couple your click to call in Dubai with an IVR number and allow your customers to get routed to the right person.

Prime benefits of using a click to call service in UAE are:

  • Easy installation
  • Configurable availability
  • Record and log every call
  • Never miss a visitor
  • Integrate with website & apps
  • Easy integration with CRMs

It is the need to get in touch with a business that makes businesses click on a call-to-action (CTA). When customers are making a decision about a product or a service, they feel the need to speak with an executive who can walk them through it end-to-end and convince them. Having a click-to-call as a CTA on the website improves the chances of your lead contacting you and in turn, positively affects conversion rates.

No, a click to call in UAE is not equivalent to online free calls in India. However, if coupled with a toll-free number, you can allow your customers to reach your business for free. The cost of these calls is borne by the person/business that owns the toll-free number.

Yes, click to call in the middle east works on mobile as well! You can consider it as a phone call software and get connected to the brand with the click of a button.

Cloud technology is what allows us to serve you with our offerings. "On the cloud" simply means "hosted". Cloud technology is another word for hosted technology.

We do not provide click to call solutions in UAE for free. However, we can assure highly competitive rates - the best value for money in the market.

Yes, you can set up online free calls in India on your website. You can publish your click to call in the middle east with a toll-free number and allow your customers to call your business for free.

All you need to do to set up click to call solutions in UAE is call up a good cloud telephony company and tell them your requirement, and they'll take care of the rest. Call us at (+971) 48726000 to see what we mean.

We serve over 65 countries in the APAC region, with a major presence in the middle east (Dubai/UAE, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi).

All you need to do is visit us at "", and we'll connect you to the right people! Be it India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi, we have dedicated teams to serve you.

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