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What are IVR Solutions?

Virtual Number

An IVR is your business’ automated attendant. When you place a call to a business, there is a voice that greets you politely with a welcome message and then helps you navigate to the solution - all without the help of a real agent. This is how IVR helps you enhance customer service and create a better experience for your leads with zero waiting time. Save costs by reducing churn and retaining your customers!

Why your business in UAE needs Knowlarity’s IVR Solution?

Save costs by reducing churn and increasing agent productivity. Increase customer satisfaction by immediate resolution to their concerns and automate processes like billing and necessary information. Amaze your customers with stellar 24x7 support at a lower cost!

More leads for your business

Use our online IVR system to address callers with their name and direct them to a suitable person department based on their call history, purchase history and location.

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Using our IVR system in Dubai, respond to all customer queries professionally. Reduce customer waiting time. Automate customer support processes and resolve their queries in time.

More call handling capacity

No more peak hour call load! With Knowlarity's Cloud IVR Solutions in Dubai, you can handle up to 50 calls concurrently.

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What makes Knowlarity one of the top IVR service providers in Dubai

Our cloud IVR solution is equipped with a plethora of features to get your business where it needs to be - at the top.

24x7 availability

With our IVR systems, your business is available for your customers 24x7. Record messages and enable voicemail on non working and off days. Allow your customers to know that you will get back to them as soon as you’re back to work.

Call recording with real-time reports and analytics

Using our IVR system in Dubai, respond to all customer queries professionally. Reduce customer waiting time. Automate customer support processes and resolve their queries in time.

Time-based call routing

After working hours, you can automatically route calls to your agents' mobile phones or leave a voice message for the caller - allowing them to know that your business never misses a call and you will get in touch with them first thing.

Programmable extensions with multi-level IVR

You can configure your IVR number in the UAE with menu and multiple sub-menu options. Filter down your customer queries by routing them through the right channels down to the right person handling the specific issue.

Easy CRM integration

Integrate our smart IVR system with all the major CRM companies in India and record data like caller details, call duration, time, caller location, the conversation, etc.

VIP IVR number

There’s a pool of international and domestic virtual and toll-free numbers for you to choose from. Your IVR number should be as special as your company

Sticky Agent

Our sticky agent allows you to configure your IVR system and allow a particular caller to reach the same agent every time s/he calls.


Blacklist unwanted callers and prioritize important calls with our hosted IVR solutions. Improve agent productivity by saving time.

Scale as easily as you set up

Scale up or down as per your needs with no infrastructural disadvantage. Whether you need to set your IVR solution up or scale it - we are just a call away!

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DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  •  INDIA 1800-1020-340
  • SINGAPORE +65-315-85-434
  • PHILIPPINES +63-264-06-899
  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
  • THAILAND +66-208-03-980
  •  SAUDI ARABIA +966-11-5204444

Why over 15000+ Organizations Across 65 Countries Trust Us

Today we are trusted by over 15000+ businesses across 65+ countries and are the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets in less than 7+ years. We’ve matured to becoming a globally recognized named with over 550+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence in business telephony through our flagship product Super ReceptionistTM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “hosted” means “on the cloud”. Knowlarity’s services are on the cloud, which helps you automate processes and reduces the need for heavy infrastructure - allowing you to scale up and down as per your needs.

Knowlarity IVR helps your customers interact with you using their dial pad, while outbound calling services are used to send out information to customers via call/text.

An IVR coupled with outbound calling services makes for an excellent feedback tool.

IVR number is the virtual/toll-free number on which your IVR services are configured. Knowlarity is one of the most preferred IVR number providers in India and the middle east.

Yes, call divert is possible with Knowlarity’s virtual IVR solutions.

Regardless of the size or type of your business, here are some of the major benefits of using an online IVR solution:

  • Get immediate customer feedback: Now you don’t need to spend days into a customer feedback exercise. You can now get feedback from all your customers with the click of a button while making the process more personalized than ever.
  • Make your agents more productive: With our IVR services in Dubai automating more than half of the customer communication process, your agents can focus on the issues that truly need their attention. This way, no issue remains unattended at any point of time, making your company truly customer-first.
  • Saves costs for your company: Automation also helps reducing manpower on trivial tasks like outbound calling, data entry etc. With Knowlarity’s IVR system in Dubai, you also save costs on maintaining heavy infrastructure.
  • Reduce churn and enhance customer experience: Increase the count of happy customers that have been using your service. Why would they want to leave you when they know you’re always there for them at any time of the day?

Most of our IVR Dubai customers have reported high customer retention and satisfaction after adopting our services.

As you have just started up, now is the right time. Knowlarity’s IVR solution in Dubai allows you to appear more professional to your leads and land big clients. Apart from that, all your data will stay with you in a singular dashboard from the start, which will allow you to measure growth with actionable insights.

IVR blasting means sending out pre-recorded calls to your customers. Some instances include feedback calls, informing customers about billing and invoices, sending product updates, reminders etc. It is also called an IVR broadcast.

Knowlarity’s IVR services are available in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, where it is the top IVR software provider.

You can contact us through the webpage. Alternatively, you can call us at (+971) 48726000 or write to us at to get your IVR service in the UAE.

One of the best things about cloud telephony is that every business at every stage needs a cloud telephony system to automate their customer communication process. However, if you are still unsure, here’s what you should do:

  • Visit our industry-wise use cases: It offers an insight into how our solutions help businesses in major industries and sub-industries.
  • Visit our blog: Our team writes about businesses, for businesses. We are sure you will find what helps you here. You can also look for relevant keywords in the “search” bar at the right.
  • Talk to us: Once you’ve done your research, our team of cloud telephony experts will be happy to talk to you and help you with customized, cost-effective solutions that can benefit your business. Call us at (+971) 455-08-331 or write to us at!
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