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What is a Virtual Number?

Virtual Number

Simply put, a virtual number is your phone number on the cloud. It isn’t assigned to a particular telephone and becomes the identity of your business. It allows your customers to reach out to you on a designated number without the need for publishing your personal number anywhere. The identity of both the caller and the receiver is masked during the call.

Knowlarity’s Virtual Number in UAE - Why Your Business Needs It

With Knowlarity’s virtual number services, optimize campaigns and audience. Become one of over 800 customers that are already reaping huge benefits from UAE virtual phone number services.

Convert More Leads

A virtual number routes calls to your agents so you never miss a business lead. Track, record and respond to every incoming business call to better manage customer expectations and drive conversion

Safeguard Employee and Client Identity

Virtual number solution allows you to mask the numbers of both the agent and the customer. You can now safeguard the identity of your employees and impress your customers by putting their privacy first.

Manage Business Calls Anytime, Anywhere

A virtual number for business allows you to manage your business from anywhere, anytime. You can now forward calls to your personal mobile phone and manage your business with as much flexibility you desire.

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What makes Knowlarity one of the top virtual number service providers in the UAE

Here’s how Knowlarity’s virtual number solution helps businesses in Dubai

Deep Analytics

Direct all details regarding inbound calls from the website and business virtual number, including call and campaign reports, caller location and analytics. Analyse the source of lead acquisition and run targeted marketing campaigns using the data.

Smart Call Routing

With virtual number solutions, you can redirect the caller to the suitable available agent by analyzing caller history and location. Calls will be automatically routed to regional agents, making sure your customers always get assigned to the right person.

Universal CRM Integration

You can integrate Knowlarity’s virtual number solutions with all leading CRM softwares, like Zoho, Salesforce, Zendesk and more. Customer data from all sources comes together on a single, customizable dashboard - increasing the quality of your sales funnel.

Multiple Call Handling

Use Knowlarity’s virtual numbers for business to increase your call pick-up rate by up to 80%. Handle up to 50 calls concurrently. Leave the worry of a peak hour call load behind, and make way for a productive workforce.

Local and International

Get virtual numbers for your business and cater to both local and international markets. Allow customers to reach you from anywhere in the world, at a time of their choosing. Increase the scope and impact of your marketing campaigns.

Efficient 24/7 Support

Allow your customers to reach you whenever they want. Provide 24x7 support and lend your business a professional image with 24x7 support from Knowlarity and a dedicated engagement manager.

Hosted Services

With your virtual number on the cloud, you do not need to invest in infrastructure anymore. Customize IVR flow, facilitate CRM integrations and provide APIs to accelerate your business growth with increasing CSAT scores.

Support VOIP and PSTN Calls

With support for traditional PSTN calling worldwide and VOIP calling in international markets, and establish your brand presence in target markets that once seemed out of bounds.

Be More Productive

Virtual numbers make you more productive. Use features like auto keyword spotting, IVR automation and AI-based sentiment analysis features. Save your team’s bandwidth by automating processes.

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  • DUBAI/UAE +971-455-08-331
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Why over 15000+ Organizations Across 65 Countries Trust Us

Today we are trusted by over 15000+ businesses across 65+ countries and are the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets in less than 7+ years. We’ve matured to becoming a globally recognized named with over 550+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence in business telephony through our flagship product Super ReceptionistTM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In very simple terms, a virtual number is a phone number on the cloud. Not being assigned to any phone number, it is used to divert the call to a designated phone number(s), Privacy for callers and attendees remains intact, as the identity on both the ends is masked. Virtual numbers come in handy when you do not wish to publish your personal phone number on a public platform or share your contact details with anonymous people. It is generally used for business purposes.

Some of the key benefits of using a virtual number include:

  • Virtual numbers allow you to mask your personal contact details and maintain your privacy and avoid off-platform transactions.
  • You can couple your virtual number with multiple cloud telephony offerings like missed call solutions and outbound calling services and run targeted marketing campaigns.
  • While calls are masked, you can always opt to redirect your calls to your personal phone number, have customers record voice mails or redirect them as per availability.
  • Your calls get recorded. With added AI functionalities like Text-to-speech and Automated Speech Recognition, you can analyse these recordings to gauge customer satisfaction and sentiment.
  • You can manage your calls anywhere, anytime. Everything can be managed on a single dashboard.

A virtual number is a telephone number on the cloud. These numbers are associated with a telephone line and are formatted to forward incoming calls to a set number of phone numbers chosen by the owner of the UAE virtual phone number.

A toll-free number is a UAE virtual phone number in the preset format 1800-ABC-DEFG. Customers can reach out to the business for free using toll-free numbers. Unlike virtual numbers, the cost of calling these numbers is paid by the business.

You can get a Dubai virtual number with a call recording software from a cloud telephony provider. While all your calls can be recorded in a singular dashboard, the absence of heavy infrastructure is an added advantage. Call recording is similar to a call recording software. One of the largest virtual phone number providers in India is Knowlarity.

The best call forwarding service is the one on the cloud, and which allows you to preserve your privacy. With added solutions to a Dubai virtual number like call center services, you can route incoming calls to the available agents in your company, without the need for any added space for infrastructure (as the services are hosted on the cloud). It can be operated irrespective of any physical boundaries. You do not need extra workforce, as it automates processes.

Cloud technology is what allows us to serve you with our offerings. "On the cloud" simply means "hosted". Cloud technology is another word for hosted technology.

Unfortunately, we do not provide free virtual numbers. However, we have highly customizable packs at the best prices in the market - for startups, SMEs and enterprises. Give our team a missed call for virtual number pricing at (+971) 48726000 if you don’t believe us!

A VIP number is a fancy, highly customised number. It is easy to remember and comes with numbers that you like, in a similar format that you prefer. While there’s a small premium that you need to pay to get these numbers, the ROI that your business gets with the added customer recall makes it worth it.

Yes, you can use a bulk SMS service with your UAE virtual number. Treat your UAE virtual number like any other phone number!

All you need to do to set up a virtual number in UAE is call up a good cloud telephony company and tell them your requirement, and they'll take care of the rest. Call us at 1800-419-0333 to see what we mean.

We serve majorly in India and the middle east, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

In this age, all professionals are decently tech-savvy. Apart from this, you do not need additional technical knowledge to operate Knowlarity’s dashboard and use virtual numbers. Further, you will also be provided with an engagement manager to help you through the whole setup process and any issues afterwards.

This is a myth. Every business - be it a startup, SME or enterprise - needs cloud telephony solutions like a virtual number to engage their customers.

The earlier you adopt cloud telephony solutions, the more streamlined your customer communication process is. This also goes for virtual UAE phone number solutions. Your customers need to know they are important from day 1.

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