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What is IVR System?

Integrate your UAE virtual number with IVR solutions and provide quick, uninterrupted support to your customers, anytime

ivr service
Why your business needs a IVR System?
Personalized experience for customers

By using IVR solutions, you can provide a personalized experience to your caller. The system addresses the user by his name and redirects him to an agent on basis of his purchase history, location and time

Gives a professional edge

Don't miss out on any call by routing the call to the concerned agent and provide the customer a suitable solution with the help of an integrated IVR system for handling business communication.

Get automated updates

Using cloud IVR system, a customer can get basic information related to the services without the help of any agent (Eg: Press 1 for billing date, Press 2 for your plan details). This enables the agent to help them out in only in the cases of complex queries or complaints

Handle a large call volume

IVR solutions can handle upto 50 calls simultaneously, crossing out the possibility of missing important leads due to a large volume of calls

Automatic navigation to the right menu

IVR System automatically redirects a customer to the right menu on the basis of his previous conversations and saves their time and efforts

Regional IVR services

IVR solutions can be created in a regional language with accents and can automatically route the call to an agent of the same region on the basis of their gegraphical location

What is a Virtual Number?

Expand your reach by getting a single virtual number in Dubai for all your business departments. Transfer all incoming calls to different agents and never miss an important call

Virtual Number
Why your business needs a Virtual Number?
Convert more leads by never missing a call

Track, record and hear every call received on your UAE virtual number, ensuring that no business lead is missed

Identify quality leads from the incoming calls

Classify your leads in a better way by features like automatic keyword spotting and rating of conversations to nurture potential prospects

Convert mobile web visitors into customers

Publish your UAE virtual number on your website, so that more people can reach out to know about your services in details

Manage business calls anytime, anywhere

With the help of our virtual number solutions in Dubai, your agents can attend business calls anytime from anywhere, even outside the office

Ensure privacy of your agents and clients

Using a UAE virtual number safeguards the privacy of your customers and employees by masking their personal numbers while connecting over the call

Smart call routing to available agents

A call received through a virtual number is routed to the next available agent and reduces customer waiting time

What is Click to Call?

Connecting with your business is just a click away! Embed a Cloud Calling widget into your UAE website or mobile app and engage with customers using click to call solutions

Click to Call
Why your business needs a Click to Call?
Hassle free solution

Calling an agent has never been easier. By using a click to call widget, a visitor can simply drop his contact details and a call is initiated with the agent instantly

Convert every visitor from the website and app

Easy to integrate, a click to call widget enables the visitor to directly connect with an agent while browsing the website and get all the required details

Don't miss out on quality leads

A click to call widget helps in increasing quality leads as the visitors requesting a callback are potential customers

Convenient option for customers

Connecting with the concerned person instead of talking to multiple people saves customers' time and also save their money as it is toll free

What is a Distributed Call Center?

Boost your productivity by using Cloud Call Center solutions in Dubai. Enable your agents to sync calls in real time from anywhere and provide your customers an unparalled experience

Call center solutions
Why your business needs a Distributed call center?
Track every business communication

Using cloud call center solutions in UAE, every business communication between an agent and customer can be tracked, heard and recorded

Hassle free and instant activation

With our easy to use, hassle free cloud call center solutions in Dubai, Your number is activated within five minutes of installation and you can start accepting the calls instantly!

No Equipment required

Save your time and money by using our cloud center services. No special equipment is required, just set up a single number on cloud and you're good to go!

Enhance your customer's experience

Enhance your customers' experience by providing them real time updates and solutions. Connect with an agent on the basis of caller's location and purchasing history

Manage your availability with the click of a button

An agent can update his availability status from 'available' to 'not available' with a single click. This ensures that a customer's call is attended by the next available agent

Handle large call volumes

Manage upto 50 calls simultaneously using our call center solutions in Dubai. Track, hear and record every call every call and never miss out on quality leads

What is Distributed Outbound Calling?

Connect with millions of people in one go using automated calls and SMS in UAE. Reach out to a large number of people with personalized automated calling solutions in Dubai

Outbound calling solutions
Why your business needs a Distributed Outbound Calling?
Extended reach to a large number of people

Get the message across to millions of customers at once with the help of automated SMS and voice calls. Generate more leads and increase conversion

Optimize outbound campaigns

Make use of automated outbound calling for product announcements, promotional offers, follow ups, reminders and status updates for customers and more

Instant customer feedback

Ensure that your customers are always satisfied. Get instant feedback using an automated outbound call (Eg: Did you like X? Press 1 for ‘Yes and 2 for No) at zero cost to them

Personalized automated customer experience

Provide your customer a personalised experience with human like voice quality of the message, voice modulation and regional IVR using outbound call solutions

Increased Productivity

Automated outbound calling provides assistance to your agents by taking care of daily tasks like follow-ups, announcements, reminders for them to utilise their time in developing quality leads

Campaign analytics

Track your performance in different campaigns and draw insights from data in order to strategize better

What is Progressive Dialer?

Progressive Auto Dialer software solutions in UAE and enable your agents to strengthen their productivity by better utilization of time

knowlarity Progressive Dialer
Why your business needs a Progressive Dialer?
Maximize business outcome

With an automated dialer software, you can increase contact rates and increase revenue for your business

More leads and revenue

Waste less time dialing and spend more time talking to potential customers. Generate more leads

Connect outbound calls based on agent and lead connectivity

Calls made by automatic dialer are connected only if an agent is available to take it. Avoid busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers for your leads

Save agent time and improve productivity

Increase the productivity of your agents by saving their time in dialing

SuperReceptionist is Easy to Integrate with Every CRM

Handle business call intelligently without re-inventing the wheel. Easy and simple steps to integrate with any of your existing CRM tools.

  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with zohodesk
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with nimble
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with pipedrive
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with zendesk
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with salesforce cti v2 0
  • call popup is not shown for agents on zoho crm in parallel ring case
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with vitiger
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with zapier
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with freshdesk
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with leadsquared
  • knowlarity superreceptionist integration with hubspot

Customized Advanced Plan for UAE

Perfect for small enterprises such as delivery-centric F&B models, clinics, retail stores or small format restaurants

  • Web Interface
  • Mobile App
  • 128 Bit Security
  • Unified Management
  • Blacklisting
  • Welcome Greeting
  • Programmable Extension
  • Dynamic Greetings
  • Time Based Routing
  • Click-to-call
  • Voicemail
  • Advanced Call Forwarding
  • Multi-Language Message
  • Custom On-Hold Music
  • Custom SMS API
  • Multi Agent Free Login
  • Multi Agent Login (Role level access)
  • Sticky Agent
  • Multi Level IVR
  • Location (Telco) Based Routing
  • Incall Transfer
  • Outbound Dialer
  • Automated Outbound Calling
  • Personalized IVR
  • Post Call Hooks(Hook API)
  • CRM Integration
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Call Logs
  • Email Reports
  • SMS Acknowledgement
  • SMS Notification
  • Quick Dial Basic
  • Customized Reports
  • Call Recording
  • International Number
  • Customer Sender ID
  • Virtual Number pool

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Today we are trusted by over 15000+ businesses across 65+ countries and are the leading cloud communication provider in emerging markets in less than 7+ years. We’ve matured to becoming a globally recognized named with over 550+ employees offering our clients unprecedented reliability and intelligence in business telephony through our flagship product Super ReceptionistTM.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive dialer is a software, that automatically dials numbers for you. It usually, automatically keeps dialing a list of numbers fixated in your data. It is best suitable for outbound and call center solutions. This saves agent's time in dialing the calls and help him focus on other important tasks.

Yes, it is a good way to create leads for business. You can increase your contact rates and generate more leads. If a call gets missed, then the number is stored and as soon as an agent gets free, the number is automatically dialed.

Some of the features of a progressive auto dialer software are:

  • 1. Automatic dialing: the cals are connected automatically from the phone book, saving an agent's time.
  • 2. Agent Summary: The managers can track the work of every agent.
  • 3. Live analytics and dashboard: The dashboard keeps you on track by providing insights and live analytics.

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